Using TextMate and Python’s virtualenv

TextMate is a great text editor for MacOs. But the default Python bundle does not recognize Python’s virtual environments (virtualenv), which is rather annoying.

No need to modify your Textmate bundle. This can be solved by declaring a project-specific shell variable named TM_PYTHON and assigning your virtualenv’s custom python’s path to it:

  • In TextMate, create a new project for your python program
  • Open the Project Drawer Window (View/Open Project Drawer)
  • Make sure no file is selected in the drawer. Click on the Get-Info icon to open the Project Information Dialog (see picture)
  • Add a variable named TM_PYTHON and assign it your virtualenv python path

(Your virtualenv python path can be obtained by typing which python in a Terminal window after activating your virtualenv environment with workon.)

Creating the TM_PYTHON project-specific shell variable on TextMate

bundles python textmate TM_PYTHON virtualenv virtualenvwrapper

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