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2022-01-24Ditching Google's Mail
2022-01-11On planning 2022
2021-11-09Ubuntu 16.04 and Python 3.6+
2021-10-07Optimizing Wordpress on WPEngine
2021-06-05Henrik Lissner, Emacs Doom Creator on Doom Emacs
2021-06-03From Thunderbird to mu4e and back to Thunderbird
2021-04-08Doom Emacs, Hunspell, and MacOs
2020-11-06Remove GRUB from MacOS boot partition
2020-09-19How to use Calibre with DeDRM tools on Linux to backup your Kindle library
2020-09-01Is it Worth the Time?
2020-08-30Sanderson's Laws of Magic
2020-08-16Migrating from Pelican to Hugo
2020-08-02How to create a Windows 10 bootable USB on MacOS
2020-01-29Network problems
2019-11-06Guido van Rossum on Maintainable Code and other things
2019-11-05Connecting to Public Wifi in MacOS Catalina
2018-10-13Hidden Cobra and the worldwide ATM hacks
2018-10-01Infocom Text Games on MacOs
2017-09-19Python Whatsapp Client Blues
2017-01-10Replacing Your Parrot AR Drone Blades (Propellers)
2016-11-29Migrating from Pelican to Wordpress
2016-02-01Shawn Blanc interviews John Gruber
2015-11-01This is GIT
2015-06-19What is Code?
2015-06-11Brandon Sanderson Creative Writing 2013
2015-05-04Simplify: move code into database functions
2015-02-13What is a Hacker?
2014-11-20The Parallel between Chess and Programming
2014-09-15On Markdown and how to fork a project
2014-08-07Marco Arment on Overcast
2014-06-17glFlush(); goto Metal;
2014-06-05Don't be afraid to take risks
2014-06-05Infocom's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy original ad
2014-05-04Time interviews Jonathan Ive
2014-04-13How Heartbleed works, by xkcd
2014-04-08Science is about what is. Engineering is about what can be
2014-04-08Debug 31: Miguel de Icaza on Mono
2014-04-03Write the code. Change the world (WWDC 2014)
2014-04-02Indispensable read for app developers
2014-03-27Reid Hoffman and Matt Mullenweg in LinkedIn Speaker Series
2014-03-19Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
2014-03-17Stephen King at UMass Lowell
2014-03-04Book: The Making of Templar
2014-03-04Why people are scared of free software
2014-03-03iCloud Keychain Security
2014-03-03Why is a Lightning cable required for CarPlay
2014-02-25Configuring Pelican, Dropbox, and automatic blog publishing
2014-02-20Blog migrated to Pelican
2013-09-27Cubr, a Rubik's cube solver written in Python
2013-06-04Why virtual isn't real to your brain
2013-05-09Setting up an OpenERP v7 development environment on OSX using virtualenv
2013-03-23An implementation of Conway's Game of Life by a thirteen year old
2013-03-21Fixing OSX's Open With duplicates
2013-01-12Markdown support in OSX QuickLook
2013-01-07Blogging with Ristretto
2012-12-14Blog publishing from Dropbox
2012-12-14Transparent ssh tunnel for Mac and PC
2012-06-06Fix Templatic's Private Lawyer text-being-truncated-on-slider bug
2011-12-15Textmate 2.0 alpha
2011-08-25John Carmack on rigorous code analysis
2011-05-25Using TextMate and Python's virtualenv
2011-04-15Java Programming 101