On planning 2022

Last year I read this article by Derek Sivers. What he proposes is to ignore arbitrary calendar dates if they don’t make sense.

We are on the second week of 2022 and I have a bad feeling in my stomach because I’ve not gone through last year’s review, nor finished my planning for 2022.

That’s not exactly so, because I’ve spent some hours here and there in November and December taking notes, reflecting on 2021, and thinking what I want to achieve in 2022. Also important, I’ve been pondering how I’m going to achieve those goals. What I need is some hours of quiet time to wrap things up, polish my systems/routines, and declare a new year.

What is nagging me is that I need to deliver some enhanced functionality for IDECON’s platform, and it has been taking me more time than expected. I need some days of deep work, and having three diverging priorities each day is not going to work.

So, returning to Derek Siver’s idea, I’ll finish planning the year as soon as I finish coding.


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